look at this picture i took of brendon last night im in love


Try to appeal to my younger audience by Joe Santagato

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Favourite cast pictures 22/?


Matthew proving that he can act in Spanish at “El Hormiguero MX”.

"¿Qué haces tú aquí en la cocina? Es medianoche."/" What are you doing here in the kitchen? It’s midnight.”

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Sex, Birth, Death, 02x11



Elle Appreciation Week

Day 3 → Favourite Quote

Elle: “I’m just so scared I’m gonna turn into that guy over there. Look up and see that my life has passed me by while I was chasing monsters.”

Hotch: “It’s hard. This job will eat you up if you let it.”

Elle: “So what do I do?”

Hotch: “Find a way not to let it.”

best criminal minds quotes


AJ Cook ► Bikinis/Beaches

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ellegrenaway requested Criminal Minds + Hair Porn.

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The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.